Turkey steps up rhetoric on PKK

April 11, 2007 at 6:54 pm | Posted in George W. Bush, international relations, Iraq, Kurds, Turkey | 2 Comments

With all the talk about the success of the surge, Washington has been strangely quiet about the increasing tensions between Turkey and the Iraqi government. Today, Turkey upped the ante by reviewing its military options against suspected Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) camps in northern Iraq.

For now it seems that Turkey is holding back, but one of the specific results of the US invasion has been a strengthening of Kurdish power in Iraq, inspiring Turkish Kurds to step up their own campaign to power, including acts of terrorism.

Of course, we know that the Bush administration is particularly good about ignoring regional diplomatic concerns in Iraq, but if this steps up there will hardly be a border in Iraq that is not a potential flashpoint for future conflict. A responsible president would immediately put this fire out, but, then again, a responsible president wouldn’t have started an unnecessary and illegal war.



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  1. The final fallout of this mess is that Iraq may get partitioned, a Turkish occupied Northern Iraq is not outside the realm of possibility. Ah, a responsible president would be nice. Heck, I’d settle for one who was irresponsible about his sex life over one who is irresponsible about foreign policy.

  2. If only half of the country felt that way, unitedcats. So many people are happy to pass judgement on what goes on in the bedroom while ignoring what takes place on the battlefield.

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